The TTCA Longevity Listing Pilot Program
Recognizing Tibetan Terriers that have reached 13 or more years of age.

The program is open only to TTCA members.
If you are a member and want to particpate,
go the Members Only Health Page for more info.

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Shown below are
some of the dogs on
the Longevity
Poster of 2011.


Reg. Name Call Name Reg. # Birth Date
CH. Ti Song's Chang Tang Chuba, CGC, RE Chuba NM61705004 06/06/1995
Arkeden's Cause For An Encore Mandy NM68456902 07/08/1996
Kelly Lakes' Classical Music Jazz NM39983106 04/19/1992
Rocky Hill's Dearest Edition Lulu NM43371103 08/27/1992
Rocky Hill's Golden Edition Fiona NM51093803 09/28/1993
Katagnik Midnight Cookies N Cream Sadie NM60817610 05/08/1995
CH. Second Act Sweet Dreams Phoebe NT294991 11/19/1986
CH. Woodruff's Snyin Rolmo, CD, NA, OAJ Fargo NM68816808 8/24/96
CH Tersana Miss TLC L.C. NM68736301 9/20/1996
Tersana River of Dreams Sadie NM51406501 7/27/1993
CH. Second Act Dreams of Gold Wilbur NT322954 10/9/1987
CH. Tersana Dark Justice Clarence NM31809004 7/13/1991
Kamaru Losang Koko Nor Koko NT127062 07/01/1986
CH. Malishar's Khenpo Boochak Boo NM53010101 2/08/94
Regarde Intrepid Crownepoint Trepper NM258229/01 12/21/1990
Am. Can. CH. Salishan Kashmir Hotz-Totz, ROM Hotz NT417363 08/01/1988
BISS AM. Can. CH. Salishan's Gonna Be Sombody, ROM Bobby NM66937/01 06/01/1996
CH. Salishan's Head Over Heels, ROM Courtney NM599019/01 03/10/1995
BISS Am. Can. CH. Salishan's Lady of Zonnevilla, ROM Mikki NT529657 07/05/1988
CH. Salishan Willow in the Wind, ROM Willow NT563973 06/22/1989
CH. Abacus Starlet of Sandhurst Star NT385364 03/19/1988
CH. Salishan Black Thorns Abacus Sasha NS923759 07/11/1984
CH. Salishan Lady Day at Snow-Biz Billie NM533736-03 02/26/1994
Salishan's Pearl of Anjali Pearl NM652704-05 02/15/1996
CH. Samsara Cha La Dscho Utra Cha Chi NM67598301 8/6/1994
CH. Arkeden's Rude Attitude Rudi NM51628301 11/1/1993
CH. Salishan's SHA-Boom SHA-Boom Boomer NM57524501 10/29/1994
CH. Salishan Bebop's Baby Bebe NM70102304 11/21/1996
Malishar's Angie Angie DKK 2/8/1994
CH. Malishar's Puja Puja NM713570/01 12/15/1997
CH. Taragiri Flora Danica Flora NM683103/01 12/05/1995
CH. Malishar's Jambhala Tsan-Te Ginger NS778130 2/10/1983
CH. Dalghani T'ien Ken of Malishar T.K. NT281701 5/30/1987
CH. Malishar's T'ien Ming Ming NM73285503 7/6/1997
Salishan Becket of Abacus Becket NM16972/01 3/28/1997
CH. Kham-Ra's Tigger Too, RN Zodi NM60326003 1/16/1995
Kham-Ra's Ode to Joy Kismet NM69645802 7/29/1996
CH. Malishar Dkar Jag-Pa Jag NM73285506 7/6/1997
CH. Salishan Runnin Like the Wind, ROM Tucker NM71757601 3/26/1997
Rockabillie G of Dge-ltas Billie NT240052 12/17/1986
CH. Rje-Bo's Wind in the Willows Willow NM32322003 12/27/1991
Dustin C-Z Top Dusty NT336848 10/27/1987
Ganden's Ti-Chang Cruiser, UDX Cruiser NM64619501 12/12/1995
CH. Salishan Sister Soul Whitney NM44294101 10/18/1992
BIS Am. Can. CH. Excalibur's Stick N Stones Stoney NM74003201 7/21/1997
CH. Samsara Kho Qeemo Dscho Utra Kimo FQ409926 8/7/1996
CH. Metshag Dal Le Nang KhoQeemo Dalle NM78939301 10/29/1997
Lillie Rinpoche Lille NT579892 7/6/1989
Brookmont's Show Me Treasure Tressy NM70276803 11/18/1996
Regalia's Tenzing Norgay Vito NM28727106 6/20/1991
Am. Can. CH. Malishar's Si-Mo La Dscho Utra R.O.M. Si-Mo NT550445 1/28/1989
Dscho Utra Nyi-Ma Shar-Ra Nyi-Ma NM67532504 5/21/1996
Ma Do Meh Lola Jeanney NT676400 6/14/1983
CH. Char-Su's Starlight Express Starlight NM55140504 6/13/1994
CH. Kha-Ling's Dirty Dancing Swayze NM765290107 12/15/1997
Su-Khyi Senge Sparklette A-Mi Senge NM498401-03 8/10/1993
MACH2 PACH2 Danser's Lucy of Tintagel CD RN MXP5 MJP9 PAX2 NFP Lani NM79294302 8/15/1998
Malishar's Metog at Karma-Pa Charlie NM796302/01 10/14/1998
CH. Malishar's Forget Me Not Freckles NM85880505 03/09/2000
CH. Samsara Colledge Strike A Pose Tori HA507441 01/17/1998
BISS CAN. AM. CH. Salsara Knockout At Colledge ROMX Rocky NM88533701 06/15/1999
CH. Kam-Bu Merimuffin Muffy or Muffin NM739899/01 07/09/1997
CH. Classic Sprite, CGC Sprite NM832448/04 08/01/1999
CH. Malishar's Jigme Lingpa Jaymie NM878110/04 09/07/2000
Karma-Pa's Send in the Clowns Gracie NM895653/02 01/20/2001
Dscho Utra Victory Malishar Ramsey NM91073102 5/11/2001
Salishan's Seventh Heaven Jasmine NM87166607 06/07/2000
Shalu's Ceba Mo Molly NM574666-01 09/22/1994
Kathmandu's Malishar Moment Tippy NM92548301 11/222001
CH. Ganden's Tora Tora Tora Tiger NM33004501 10/05/1991
Ch. Ganden's Philly Cheez Phil NM92494901 12/06/2001
CH. Ganden's Red Wing Mariah Mariah NM782443/04 06/11/1998
CH. Ganden's Golden Snowflake Snow NM84147905 09/09/1999
Panchen's Yogi Hartnig Yogi NP03134302 03/10/2003

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