Futurity Litter Nomination Original

Litter Nomination

Directions: First, read the TTCA Futurity Rules and TTCA Guidelines for Responsible Breeders if you have not done so already. After you have filled out the form all the way to the bottom, simply click on the “E-mail Form” button below to submit your form.

Fee: $35.00
Nomination information will not be shared except as necessary for clarification with the breeder, owner, TTCA officials, and/or show superintendent. Confidentiality of nominations cannot be guaranteed.

The litter must be nominated and submitted by the TTCA member-breeder no later than 11:59 PM (nominator’s local time) of the day prior to 4 months after whelping.

Breeder must be a TTCA member in good standing at the time of breeding and whelping, as well as at the time of this nomination.

It is the nominator’s responsibility to provide complete and accurate information for eligibility.

Whelping Information:

month day,  year
Dam Name
Dam AKC or Foreign Registration #
Sire(s) Name(s)
Sire(s) AKC or Foreign Registration #(s)
AKC Litter #   Number of Males:   Number of Females:

Information about Breeder(s):
If there is more than one breeder/owner of dam, list each in exact order as stated on AKC Registration or Lease; the first listed TTCA member-breeder shall be the breeder of record for Futurity reward purposes, and all contact information should be provided for this person.
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I have read and am in compliance with the TTCA Guidelines for Responsible Breeders.
I have read and accept the TTCA Futurity Stakes rules.


Futurity Stakes Judge Nomination (optional)
Please review the Futurity Stakes Rules, Judges nomination eligibility, prior to making a nomination.
A TTCA member-breeder may provide one judge nominee annually for the Futurity Stakes two years ahead with a nomination, regardless of the number of litters or individual dogs that are nominated. Please include your complete Judge nominee’s contact information below

Nominated Judge’s Name
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Futurity Stakes Trophy Fund Sponsorship (optional)

Amount $
Exact spelling of sponsorship information (name, kennel, in memory of, etc.)

Sponsorship donation will be applied to the next upcoming Futurity Stakes

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Create the Nomination Form by completing the fields above. Be sure to check the boxes that indicate that you have read and accept the TTCA Futurity Rules and that you have read and are in compliance with the TTCA Guidelines for Responsible Breeders. Finally click the “E-mail Form” button below. This will send the completed form to Claire Coppola, Futurity Chair.You will receive an email confirming receipt of your Nomination Form. After your payment is received, you will be emailed your Official Litter Certificate Number, which indicates the successful completion of your Futurity litter registration.

Payment can be made online or send entry fee to:
Claire Coppola
11583 E Daley Cir
Parker, CO 80134

TOTAL AMOUNT (nomination fee + optional trophy sponsorship) $