Accredited Breeder Requirements

Breeder Accreditation

It is our intention to recognize and celebrate breeders who demonstrate their commitment to breeding healthy and happy dogs, in part, by sharing their test results with the wider TT community through the CHIC certification program. The richer the data we have on the health of our breeding stock the better we can preserve and protect our beautiful breed by producing healthy, vigorous representatives of the breed.  

Accredited Breeders will be listed on the TTCA website to replace the former Breeder Referral List.  Additionally, all Accredited Breeders will receive a TTCA Accredited Breeder logo badge,  annually upon the renewal of their accreditation for use on their website and stationery if they so wish. 

Please review the qualifications and if you wish to apply download the application form below.  All applications should be sent to the Breeder Support Committee at first time applications can be submitted at any time during the year.  Please note that all Accredited Breeders must apply for renewal annually, renewal applications should be submitted by Feb 15 each year.  All successful renewals will be active from Mar 1 irrespective of the date the breeder joined the program.  There will be no fees or charges.

Accredited Breeder Application download .