Member Breeder Support

Our Support Program for Breeders


Over the next 12 months or so we are transitioning from the Breeder Referral Process to the new Breeder Support Program.  Moving forward the TTCA will have a more comprehensive breeder support program.  We will be reaching out to members to share their expertise and knowledge with each other throughout the new program.

This will have three major branches: Accredited Breeders, Breeder Education, and Breeder Resources. 

Over the coming months we will be adding Member Breeder Resources here.   There will be sample application forms, pedigree designs, contracts, puppy information for new owners and other useful materials that members can download and personalize if they so wish.  If you have any good resources to share, then please let us know as we will be relying on each other to provide these to share.  

The Member Breeder Education area will have links to helpful articles, websites, videos etc. for us to study and discuss. The best breeders are always ready and eager to learn and build upon their expertise.  Again, if you know of any good resources then please share these and we will add them to our new ‘library’.  

The Accredited Breeder Program will replace the Breeder Referral Process, and you can see how to qualify for Accredited Breeder Status on the Member Accredited Breeder Qualifications page, the application form is there too.  Renewals for both are required annually. Moving forward this will happen on March 1 annually – irrespective of the date a breeder joined the program.  Applications must be received by the Breeder Support Committee by Feb 15 each year.  There will be no charge to become an Accredited Breeder (or to be on the Breeder Referral List during the transition period). 

Although there will be a transition period as we move from the old Breeder Referral system to Accredited Breeder status, the criteria to become an accredited breeder will eventually be very simple and straightforward.  For the next year we will maintain the Breeder Referral List alongside the Accredited Breeder Program, this will give breeders time to adjust their health testing regime, if necessary, from March 1, 2024, we will no longer maintain a Breeder Referral List, a list of Accredited Breeders will be posted on the website instead.  The Application to be on the Breeder Referral List for 2023 can be found on the Downloads page.  

Accredited Breeder Badge for Qualified Breeders