Adopting a TT

Successful Adoptions


William and Caddi 10-year old litter brothers in North Central Colorado (2018)

Sophie (July 2017)
Wanted to give an update for anyone who might have been following Sophie’s adoption.
She is happily ensconced in her new home, as you can see. She is an absolute doll, full of energy and joy who fits in beautifully with her new canine extended family. As you can see, she “learned the ropes” immediately. She’s a perfect addition to the family. Oh, and she’s also beautiful, isn’t she? Thank you, thank you to Cassandra Benton and the whole TT Rescue organization for this precious soul.
Lorena Willmon

Phoenix (August 2017)

Johnny Cash and June Bug (April 2017)
On March 22, 2016, we adopted two Tibetan Terriers, Johnny Cash and June Bug, from the National Mill Dog Rescue Organization. They were two of the many dogs picked up as part of a rescue run on December 5th, 2015.

In February after the rescue run, Johnny and June were placed in foster care via the Rocky Mountain Tibetan Terrier Club regional group in Loveland, Colorado. In the same month, we contacted the national rescue coordinator looking to adopt another Tibetan Terrier. We had lost our two 16 year old rescue pups, Kate and Allie, in late 2015. We consequently travelled to Loveland in late February, 2016, for a meet and greet with Johnny and June and returned on March 22nd to bring them home.

Never having adopted a male dog before, we were initially anxious about doing so. But Johnny and June had spent their whole lives together and NMDR wanted, if possible, to adopt them out as a pair. It didn’t take us long to realize what a blessing Johnny Cash is, and how much we enjoy their relationship with each other. Thanks to all those involved in connecting us with these two wonderful beings! By the way, Johnny Cash turns 9 in April and June Bug turns 9 in June (but of course!).

Dick and Judy Howard

Senior Dogs Rock

Charlie & Max (December 2016)

Eli (August 2016)

Jazz and Hanna in Seal Beach (June 2016)

Jack (March 2016)

Maddie (May 2015)

Indi and Sanford  (January 2015)

Kate and Allie Turn 15 Years Old
Dec. 10, 2014

We adopted Kate and Allie (litter mates and tightly bonded) from TTCA almost 4- 1/2 years ago when they were 10-1/2 years old. On December 10th, the girls turned 15 and are doing great. Kate (the Bear) and Allie (Little Iodine or Hip Hop, depending on what she’s up to) act like pups most of the time, bounding up a set of 15 steps, 3 at a time, and racing around the deck at breakneck speed, stopping on a dime.

When we adopted the girls, Kate had a thyroid condition (easily managed), and Allie had heart issues and a serious pancreas condition called exocrine

Radcliffe, Paynesville, MN
Adopted November 2014