Breeder Referral

Finding a Breeder

The Breeder Referral Coordinator (BRC) program of the TTCA is designed to facilitate communication between  TTCA members who are breeders  with persons interested in acquiring a Tibetan Terrier.

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Linksbullet Breeder Guidelines

TTCA members who are breeders and wish to be on the breeder list must agree to certain guidelines, and provide the breeder referral coordinator with the necessary contact information.

bullet Breeders List

bullet TTCA Code of Ethics for Breeders

If you have further questions, the Breeder Referral Chair is:

Diane Wagner
954-682-7932 or
email us

Prospective buyers are cautioned that the TTCA, in providing this list, is not endorsing any particular breeder, and takes no responsibility for actions of breeders on this list. When seeking out a Tibetan Terrier,  be an educated prospective owner.