Accredited Breeders

Please see the Accredited Breeder Requirements, Scroll down for TTCA Code of Ethics for Breeders

Accredited Breeder List


Fran & Apple Kridakorn

Kennel Name: Rama Kha Tibetans

(334) 303-5727, (334) 424-3159

Wetumpka, AL


Rob Smith

Kennel Name: Kumuda


San Jacinto, CA


Vance Van Daele

Kennel Name: Deepacres

(319) 383-9611

Iowa City, Iowa


Sheryl Getman

Kennel Name: Players

(406) 982-3235

Bigfork, MT

New Jersey

Stacey LaForge

Kennel Name: Zodi

(908) 790-1821

(908) 723-1696

New Providence, NJ


Joyce Killinger

Kennel Name: Snowshoe

(919) 369-0031

Houston, TX

Finding a Breeder

The Breeder Support Coordinator:

Lynne Fardell , <>, phone numbers: 904-902-9088 or 302-983-0088) ,

facilitates communication between  TTCA Accredited Breeders  with persons interested in acquiring a Tibetan Terrier.

puppies in basket

Lynne is also happy to answer any of your questions. She is able to put potential owners in touch with experienced Tibetan Terrier Owners and breeders who can offer further support and information. The TTCA is here to help.

Linksbullet Breeder Guidelines

TTCA members who are breeders and wish to be on the breeder list must agree to certain guidelines, and provide the breeder referral coordinator with the necessary contact information.


bullet TTCA Code of Ethics for Breeders


Prospective buyers are cautioned that the TTCA, in providing this list, is not endorsing any particular breeder, and takes no responsibility for actions of breeders on this list. When seeking out a Tibetan Terrier,  be an educated prospective owner.