2019 Grand Futurity Winner/Best Futurity Puppy
Bier’s When Calls the Heart V Rinchen
Owners: Joann Biercuk and Claire Coppola
Judge Ms Jaime Smith, Photo: InFocus by Miguel
Grand Futurity Winner/Best Futurity Puppy
Colledge Rules Don’t Apply
Owner Ronald Decleir Breeder: Kevin S. Grew & Monique Verreydt
Grand Futurity Winner/Best Futurity Adult
GCH DreamMaker Salishan Starry Starry Night
Breeders/Owners: Janet & Jay Slothower

The TTCA Futurity Stakes Award  was established to provide breeders with a particular Futurity Event occurring  annually at the TTCA National Specialty.
Breeders are to exhibit those dogs bred which best demonstrate the goals of their breeding program as exemplified by the TTCA breed standard.

The Futurity event is intended to be a prestigious one, as no other TTCA and/or AKC exhibition advances the cause of the breed in the same way. It is an occasion when the Tibetan Terrier breeder community is formally recognized for the contributions they make to the breed.   As  well, this event  allows breeders to  gain greater awareness  to the inherited possibilities in fellow TTCA member breeding programs. It is the TTCA breeder community which points the way to the future of the breed, thus the extreme importance of the event as an educational tool for the entire TTCA membership.
To recognize breeders’ and/ or owners’ diligence in health testing, the TTCA awards annual prizes to the Best Futurity Puppy, Best Junior, Best Adult’s Sires or  Dams, ( with Canine Health Information Certificates)- ( CHIC) program through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals- (OFA).   Please refer to the following download  document for full details: (see attached for the file: Alice Murphy Futurity Stakes Prize.docx)

Major Rules for Futurity Participation for litters and individual dogs are:

    1. Litters may be nominated so that ALL puppies may participate in Futurity Stakes by a TTCA member breeder within 4 months of whelping for a $35 one -time nomination fee. Alternatively, individual dogs from litters meeting eligibility requirements may be nominated at any time after 4 months of age for a one-time of $50 nomination fee. Fees are payable to the TTCA.
    2. All nominations require compliance with the TTCA Guidelines for Responsible Breeders.
    3. A nominated dog from either a litter nomination or individual nomination may be entered in up to and including three different years Futurity Stakes during its lifetime but only entered once per age category - Puppy, Junior, and Adult.  Dogs who are awarded the Grand Futurity title are prohibited from entering/competing in Futurity in future Futurity Sweepstakes.
    4. The eligible dog must be shown by the breeder, owner, member of their immediate household or an amateur substitute.

For complete rules, please refer to the TTCA Futurity Rules as of 2020.

TTCA Guidelines for Responsible Breeders

Futurity Judge Nomination Form

Litter Nomination Form for litters whelped on or after January 1, 2016

online form 1

Individual Dog Nomination Form for individual dogs whelped on or after January 1, 2016

online form 2

Pay your nomination fee online at Store
Joyce Killinger TTCA Futurity Chair