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Agility — Obedience — Rally . . .

TTs do it all

agility dog weaving through poles


The Tibetan Terrier is not only successful in the conformation ring, but also in obedience, agility, flyball, rally, barn hunts, nosework and tracking. They can be quite energetic and the best way to channel that energy is to train. It takes patience and a really good sense of humor to work with a Tibetan.

Initially, they were independent workers and the trait remains, usually surfacing at the most inconvenient times! They are an intelligent breed, wanting to know why they should do what you ask. The Tibetan should come with a label, “Positive Training Methods Required”, as the first harsh word will set your training back weeks. If you can laugh at yourself and enjoy an intelligent, lively companion who, most of the time, will do what you have taught, then, by all means, travel the Performance Trail with your Tibetan. The well-trained TT brings a unique joy and enthusiasm into the ring rarely seen in other breeds, and they are always a crowd pleaser.

man holding dogTHERAPY

This TT, certified by Therapy Dog International, is comforting a resident at a nursing home. A very calm dog.

dog searching in boxSCENT WORK

Nosework is an activity that TTS enjoy and do well. This dog is looking for a specific scent hidden in one of several boxes.

dog smelling dumbellsOBEDIENCE and RALLY

A TT doing scent articles in Utility, the most advanced level of Obedience. He is looking for the article with his handler’s scent, which he will retrieve and return to the handler.

Rally is a sport related to obedience, however, you can talk and praise as much as you like during the event.  This sport is oftentimes more enjoyable for the Tibetan Terrier.  The activity, sport, is not as stressful for the handler as Obedience.

IMPORTANT: As of, 5/1/2020, AKC has announced an exciting NEW PROGRAM for Rally. AKC Rally® Novice Virtual Pilot Program,

Fastcat & Lure Coursing are fun sports for many Tibetans that enjoy chasing.  The competitor is chasing a, “bag bunny”.  Many Tibetans love to run.  However not all enjoy this event because they are smart and know it is just a bag.

Barnhunt is a truly enjoyable sport for and with the Tibetan Terrier.  Your TT hunts actively through hay for rats!  Don’t worry, the rats are in protected tubes and are well trained.  The rats are rewarded pets.

Frisbee Work of Interest

Keyu-Aisha’s We Rise Again, enjoyed a great day at UPDogs frisbee trial. This is absolutely his favorite activity for play and event work.

Scent Work

One of the best parts about scent work for dogs is that ANY dog can participate. While in some sports, like agility, where a lot of physical exertion is required, scent work is fun and rewarding for dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes. Canines have amazing noses, no matter the breed– scent work could be the sport for you! Several Tibetan Terriers are working well and receiving ribbons and titles in Scent Work competitions.  There are a variety of organizations where you can practice and compete for Scent Work under, including AKC, UKC, NACSW, or CPE. While the basics are generally the same, each organization has slightly different rules, qualifiers, and odor combinations. 

Maybe you would like to participate in actually important work: helping locate spotted Lanternflies but maybe you just want to do something like Scent work to provide both the mental and physical piece that contribute to yours and your dog’s well-being.

Dept. of Agriculture Scent Work

The Department of Agriculture is currently recruiting dogs with prior scent training in either professional search and rescue or competitive scent sports. Eventually because of the magnitude of a Lantern Fly problem, the Department of Agriculture hopes to have an interested talent pool to train dog and owner teams how to sniff out invasive insects.  These teams can become involved with managing the destruction of insect pests as the problem is too large for the Department of Agriculture to handle.  Many worry that the implication to our economy and food supply could create a public emergency.

Learn more about the Spotted Lanternfly program:

A HoneyCreek Tibetan Terrier ready to use the TT’s brilliant nose.

Susu working with Paul Soderman. A participation sport for all ages.