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TTCA Breeder Referral Requirements are changed  January 1, 2023 

TTCA Breeder Referral Requirements changed  January 1, 2023.   The New Program is known as  Breeder Support.  New materials and information are available as time goes by.                            

Previously, TTCA maintained a breeder referral system. This will now be known as the Accredited Breeder Program.  The purpose of this is  not only  help to breeders looking to place puppies but, more importantly, to help potential TT owners,  looking for puppies,  to find reputable, reliable and responsible breeders.  These Breeders are  members of the parent club in good standing who demonstrate their commitment to breeding healthy and happy dogs, in part by sharing the health test results of all the dogs used in their breeding program with the wider Tibetan Terrier community through the CHIC certification program.

Accredited Breeder status is renewed annually following verification that listed members are in full compliance with the Accredited Breeder Requirements.

From March 1, 2023, there is no charge for inclusion in the Accredited Breeder or the Breeder Referral List.

For 2023 members who have chosen to be listed  on the TTCA Breeder Referral List are breeders who are in full compliance with the Breeder Referral Health Guidelines, as in previous years we ask those breeders on the list to provide, on an annual basis, verification of their compliance with the minimum basic health criteria of hip and eye clearances on the sires and dams of their litters. Any TTCA member who wishes to remain on or be added to the TTCA Breeder Referral List, is required to be a TTCA member in good standing for the preceding 2 (two) years and will need to submit the following:

  1. A signed and dated copy or electronically generated copy of the Breeder Referral Guidelines.
  2. A list of all litters of which they are listed as breeder OR co-breeder which were whelped in the previous calendar year including:
    1. Date of each litter whelped including
    2. Registered name of Sire and Dam
    3. AKC registration numbers of Sire and Dam
    4. OFA hip clearances of Sire and Dam done after the age of two, or a PennHIP clearance examined after the age of one, and with a 60th percentile DI (distraction index) of 0.45 or better
    5. CAER clearances of the Sire and Dam within the previous 12 months submitted to the CAER registry.
    6. Sire and Dam's DNA test result listings on OFA's website for NCL and PLL including those designated as ‘Clear by Parentage’.

If a breeder had or has a litter with a sire and/or dam that did not meet the health clearance requirements above (i.e., special circumstances), the age requirements (no dog or bitch will be bred before the age of two), or a breeder utilized a foreign sire and/or dam with foreign health registry clearances, then the breeder may submit a letter to the Breeder Referral Committee requesting an exemption for that particular breeding. Foreign health clearances must still meet or exceed the requirements applied by CERF, OFA or PennHIP. The Breeder Referral Committee will have the flexibility to allow a breeder to remain on the Breeder Referral List if they feel the exception is warranted. If the breeder does not agree with the decision of the Breeder Referral Committee, they may request their exception be presented to, and reviewed by, the TTCA Board of Directors.

March 18, 2016