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About the Members Only Area

The “Members Only” area of the TTCA web site contains information normally restricted to members of the TTCA. In order to access this area, you must be a member of the TTCA, and must log in with a valid email address or logid and a password. You can contact the webmaster for log in credentials.

Members are checked against the current roster, and only after verification is access granted.

Each time you come to this area of the web site, you will be asked for a login and password. If you do not provide a valid login and password, you will be denied access. Once access is granted to a browser session, the browser remembers to send your authentication data with each request. If you close your browser window, the session is ended, and you will have to re-authenticate the next time you access the restricted area.brown and white puppy running

Your password may have been erased during an upgrade snafu in 2019. Please use the option below to get a new password. It should arrive in a few seconds. Any problems contact the webmaster. Sorry for the inconvenience.

TTCA registered members SIGN IN

Please be aware that passwords are case sensitive, for example” B” and “b” are not the same character to the computer. Also “0” (zero) and “O” (capital “O”) are not the same character.

Any TTCA member can sign up for Members Only.

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If you are not a TTCA member, and wish to become one, go here or contact us using the Contact link in the menu above.

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Privacy Issues

The privacy policies of the TTCA web site are posted at You are encouraged to view that page. Some of that information is paraphrased below.

The data on the site

Because access is restricted to club members, information on this portion of the site will not be made available to the general public. Generally the information here has already been made available to the club membership via hard copy. Thus, the web provides only a different access path to information already available to club members. You should not be any more concerned about information on the web than you are about information being mailed to members.

Data gathered about you

The server records each page access. It always records the page requested, the network address from which the request was made (the network address of your computer), the date, time, and the referring page. In the members only area, it will also record the login of the person making the request. This data is used in general to determine what pages are of interest to visitors. The per-user statistics are also looked at by the web administrators to monitor for potential abuses. The statistics are not generally available. Your data is not shared with any other organizations.